IoT Controllers 

IoT controllers are devices or software systems that are used to manage and control the connected devices in an Internet of Things (IoT) network. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing data from IoT devices, managing device connections, and making decisions based on the data. IoT controllers use various technologies such as wireless networking, cloud computing, and data analytics to connect and control the devices.

The use of IoT controllers in industry sectors is revolutionizing the way companies operate by increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. By connecting industrial devices and machinery to the internet, companies can remotely monitor and control their operations, which leads to improved productivity and energy efficiency. Additionally, the data collected by IoT controllers can be used to optimize processes and make better business decisions.

In our company, BARDUCT, we use IoT controllers to monitor and control our production lines in real-time. This allows us to identify and solve issues quickly and optimize our processes for maximum efficiency. By using IoT controllers, we have been able to reduce downtime, increase output, and improve product quality.