Tire building machine scrap management

20 January, 2023 by

Using Wireless Sensor Technology to Measure Realtime Pressure Values in Tire Manufacturing

The tire industry relies heavily on the production and performance of its tire building machines, which require continuous pressure checking of their pressurized bladders. Failure to maintain the exact pressures within these bladders could lead to overrun scrap rates and the loss of large amounts of money. There is a real need for accurate, real-time measurements of the pressure levels that are being consistently maintained within these bladders. This is where wireless sensor technology comes in!

Developed by BARDUCT in 2020, their revolutionary wireless sensor-based solution has proven to deliver accurate results and has decreased scrap rates by 7%, resulting in savings of millions of dollars for the tire manufacturing companies. This solution has been designed to measure the pressure values in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

The wireless sensors monitor the pressure level consistently and relay the information in real-time to the control system of the tire building machine. As the pressure levels change, the control system automatically adjusts for any variances and any anomalies can be addressed quickly. This in turn results in much less scrap tire material and improved product quality from the tire building machine.

The wireless sensors themselves are also reliable, as they are able to withstand the harsh environment of the tire building machine’s pressurized bladders and operate correctly in any temperature or pressure conditions. They are small and easy to install, can be integrated with existing control systems and have an extended battery life with up to 10 years of usage.

Overall, this technology has been revolutionary for the tire manufacturing industry and has hugely impacted the bottom line. Millions of dollars have been saved in scrap tires and increased product quality. This technology will only become even more popular as its use expands into other industrial applications and beyond in the near future.

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