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BARDUCT is a team of professionals with a wide experience in the field of Low and Medium Voltage products which combines engineering knowledge with management skills in order to provide a full service to the customers that want start or develop new products in this market. The company was established in Alexandria, Egypt in 2016 following 30 years of experience in electro-mechanics field as busbar trunking system in order to face a market need in this regards. In order to give the best service BARDUCT invest in human resources, in most advanced design software available, in machines for rapid prototyping and start his business on design, Know-how transferring, implementation of products and developing of foreign market. 

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We provide a wide range of electrical solutions, including renewable energy solutions, smart home solutions, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that we understand your electrical needs and provide tailored solutions to meet them.

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Design, industrialization, production and marketing of patented busway products  

Dr. Mahmoud AbdelRazak, CEO of BARDUCT Ltd.

Founder and chief visionary, Mahmoud is the driving force behind the company's transition to electrical solutions. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of innovative electrical solutions, marketing, and customer experience strategies.


among the best minds in the electrical solutions industry.


looks after the community of thousands of clients.


determined to drive success and delivers his professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.